As Helpful As A Phone Spy Mobile App

 Are your employees honest with your business? You can never be sure about it. But you need to find a way to ensure that your employees don’t harm your business in any way. Providing your employees with smartphones for official use is a pretty common thing for most businesses nowadays. In order to know for sure about the activities of your employees, a mobile phone spy app could be of great assistance to you.

Superb Employee Monitoring:

StealthGenie is one of the best monitoring apps out there at the moment. This app runs quietly inside your employee’s cell phone and does not disclose about its presence to anyone at all. It covers the minimum possible space inside your employee’s cell phone and does not disturb any feature of their cell phone while it is being installed in it. You get to monitor all the activities of your employees any time you want to and from wherever you want to.

Suitable Phones:

LG, Google, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, Dell, Acer and other Android phones running on OS 2.1 or higher than that are perfectly compatible with StealthGenie. iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 models all works brilliantly with StealthGenie and this is not all. BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, Curve, Storm and other models in the 9000 as well as 8000 series work excellently with this phone spy mobile app.

Contact Details And Phone Data:

All the phone numbers stored inside your employee’s cell phone are shown to you with the help of StealthGenie. Employers may even view all the video files, pictures as well as all the audio files stored inside the cell phone of employees.

GPS Tracking And Surround Sounds:

Precise GPS location of employees is shown to employers with the help of the ‘Geo Tracking’ feature of StealthGenie. Employers may even record all the sounds that surround the cell phone of their employees with the help of their ‘Live surroundings’ feature.

A Helpful App:

Employees are not a burden for your business. They are an asset for your enterprise and you just need to learn how to use them properly. Prevent any misuse of the privileges provided by you to your employees and use a phone spy mobile app to ensure they work properly. StealthGenie is indeed really helpful.

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Use an Android Spy App If You Are Suspicious About Your Employees

Android phones have now stamped their authority as the most extensively sold smartphones around the world at the moment. As per the stats for the third quarter of 2012, Android phones covered 68% of the total smartphones sold during that period. A worry for all employers who provide their employees with Android phones for official use is as to how they can keep a close eye on the activities of their suspicious employees. Well, quit all the brainstorming now and simply acquire the help of an Android spy app to stay updated with your employee’s activities at all times.

Silent monitoring:

An Android spy app StealthGenie works unnoticeably in the background of your employee’s cell phone without letting anyone find out about it. You gain complete access to all the data that is stored inside the cell phone of your employee from anywhere in the world, whenever you want to. Once downloaded, this app does not even disturb any feature of your employee’s cell phone as well.

Compatible Android Phones:

Android phones from LG, Motorola, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Dell, Sony and other companies work fine along with StealthGenie. This includes all cell phones running on an operating system of 2.1 or higher than that. You simply need access to the internet and your personal log-in details that would be provided to you to gain access to all the data stored inside your employee’s cell phone.

Call Records:

Full and up-to-date records of every single call made to and from the cell phone of employees are provided to employers with the help of this spy app. The total duration and the precise time of each call is also part of these records. Parents may even record any particular call or even all the calls if they want to.

Contact Details And Geo Location:

Details of all the contact numbers stored inside your employee’s Android phone are shown to you by StealthGenie. With the help of the ‘Geo location’ feature of StealthGenie, you can pinpoint the exact location of your employees whenever you wish to know about it.

A Reasonable Price:

This Android spy app provides employers with complete access to their employee’s entire cell phone data for a more than reasonable price. A spy service for a price as low as $8.33 a month would indeed be a dream come true.

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Cell Phone Spying: Underrated or Overrated?

Cell phone spying applications have become a hot topic. People have been excessively debating on whether these applications really are as safe and as beneficial as they claim of or it’s just a way to snaffle your money, leaving you feeling helpless.

Well, there are some cell phone spying applications that do have put up BIG WORDS promising to give exceptional services. But the truth is these are only ways to fool people and take their money and then leave them feeling stranded and in turn develop a negative opinion about these cell phone spying application being a total scam and nothing more than that!

However, there have been news reported of hacking people’s information and then blackmailing or personal espionage. These are in fact people who have ill motives behind these endeavors. But, what could be your motive monitoring your kids? So, why would you want to keep track of your employees?

For parents, the growing stats of cyber bullying is shocking enough to enforce all that it takes to protect their kid’s against all harms. Hence, they’d take the measures to protect their kids in every possible way. Installing a cell phone spying application will give parents direct access to their kids’ mobile phone data, from calls to SMS, and all the way to tracking their Geo location.

Similarly, if an employer runs a big organization, keeping tabs on each and every employee becomes pretty difficult. However, using a cell phone spying application, it becomes easier to keep track of the activities and know when and where a person is with the help of Geo location tracking feature.

The question of underrating or overrating is out of context but when reliability comes in the middle, followed by the cost feature, that’s when people begin rating them either with highly negative rates or overestimated by fake reviewers.

Phoggi cell phone spying application can allow you to monitor a person seamlessly and effortlessly all year around at one fixed and final cost, $64 and no hidden charges. You pay once and you get a year round service of monitoring smartphones running on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

Let me rephrase it now, Phoggi can neither be underrated and overrated – they truly offer what they claim.

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iMessage Tracking is a New Way of Monitoring Your Kids

Kids have become more secretive and thus more difficult to monitor. They can also message for free and without letting know about it with iPhone feature iMessage. To keep a complete parental control, you would need to have some reliable iMessage tracking software.

iMessage is Not Harmful, is it?

Technically iMessage is a great feature that basically allows iPhone users to send and receive infinite free text messages and audio/video files through internet connection. But how people use it greatly affects its utility. If your kids are using it as a platform of secure communication with their pals and talk about inappropriate things or share obscene pictures or videos then yes, it may be harmful and that’s why you need some iMessage tracking feature.

How to Go About It?

There are a few things you’d have to get accustomed to before e you set off spying your kids in any way. First there are some cell phone monitoring apps that are in the market meant for spying on kids in a stealth mode. Relax- you can monitor them but they will never get to know about it. This kind of apps runs in target’s phone’s background.

Second you’d need to be very careful when choosing the cell phone spying software for your kids’ phone. There are chances that you might be tricked into buying some cheap stuff for a lot of price. Lastly, if you want to monitor your kids from every angle then you need to ascertain besides other things that the software you are going for also support iMessage tracking feature.

Which Spy App to Trust?

To cut the long story short, you should seriously consider using StealthGenie. Although final decision is up to you but StealthGenie is a sensible option. You can spy calls, e-mails, multimedia files, web browsing history and geo-location of the target iPhone. With recent software update, StealthGenie also has introduced iMessage tracking feature through which you can remotely monitor all messages and media files sent or received using iMessage.

Tracking iMessage is very simple with StealthGenie- simply install StealthGenie on target iPhone and then log in to your user account online to remotely access all messages and audio/video files sent and received on target phone using iMessage. But only those multimedia files will be logged that are also saved in phone gallery as well.

That’s why most parents prefer StealthGenie over any other spy apps because it is discreet, reliable and also offers iMessage tracking in addition to other features. Would you?

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Grab hold of this cell spy app before it’s too late

If you have a very shy child who is acting quite strange for the past few days and they don’t want to share their thoughts with you, then you as a concerned parent would definitely like to help them. If your child is not going to tell you anything on their own, then you should try to figure it out yourself and the best way to do it is by keeping track of their communications. This keeping track can be done with ease if parents have the support of a cell spy app Phoggi.

What does Phoggi do?

A cell spy app takes even less than five minutes of your precious time and gets downloaded inside your child’s cell phone. This app does not disturb any feature inside your kid’s cell phone while installation and provides you with all the data that is present inside their cell phone. Due to its secretive nature, Phoggi runs in the background of your kid’s cell phone without disclosing about its presence to anyone.

Compatible phones:

All the latest BlackBerry models in the 8000 as well as 9000 series are compatible with Phoggi, provided they run on OS 5.0 or higher. Even iPhone models up to iPhone 4S as well as Android phones with OS 2.1 or above are fully compatible with Phoggi. Download Phoggi in your child’s cell phone and immediately get started with complete monitoring of their cell phone.

Web browsing and phone data:

Children are crazy about the internet. Phoggi helps parents know exactly what sort of websites their child visits all day. If parents find children viewing unethical websites, then they can take strict note of it. You even get to see all the pages that your child has bookmarked. Phoggi allows parents to even view all the pictures, videos and audio files that are stored by their child on their cell phone.

Contact details and call records:

Every contact number present inside the cell phone of children is shown to parents with Phoggi’s help. Parents can even view records of all the calls that their child makes to and receives from anyone. The complete duration and the precise time of each call is also shown to parents.

Get it now:

Even if you have the slightest bit of concern regarding the activities of your child, I would say that you need not think twice. Simply go online and grab hold of this cell spy app before it’s too late.

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Mobile Spy Apps- When is a Little espionage Helpful?

There is no harm in keeping an eye on your kids or employees- we all do. But keeping a secret eye especially when we are not around can be difficult. This is to say, not without any of the good mobile spy apps installed on their phones!

What is a Reliable Mobile Spy App?

Well, that’s a million dollar question! Reliable mobile app is the one that can guarantee effortless remote monitoring without letting the target know about it. Reliable apps must have the following per-requisites:


No matter how cool is a particular app, but if it is not within your budget, it’s almost good for nothing. Obviously, feature-rich mobile spy apps come at high prices. But apps like StealthGenie and the like do offer economic packages too. StealthGenie, for example has a Basic package that costs around $8 a month.

Product Support:

Before purchasing any of the mobile spy apps, make sure ot is compatible with your target phone. some parents purchase an app but later realize that there target phone does not support the app they purchased. There are only a handful mobile spy apps that support Symbian and Windows phones, StealthGenie however, does not. But on the high side, StealthGenie does support all major platforms like Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones and also supports maximum OS versions of these platforms, too.


Make sure that the features provided function seamlessly- there’s nothing that will irk you more than the dysfunctional features. Imagine you want to track your kid and your app freezes or shows the feature is not available at the moment. For that matter you need to ascertain your software offers 24/7 support so you could get the bug fixed on the spot. On the safe side, make sure, your mobile spy app records:

  • SMS and e-mails
  • Calls
  • Phone surroundings
  • Web logs
  • Geo-tracking
  • Pictures and videos
  • SIM changes
  • Remote back up and delete data

Quite interestingly, you will find these features on StealthGenie along with plenty more. Exclusive features include trigger alerts and remote controlling apps on target phone. So yes, StealthGenie is pretty much an all-rounder!

Installing StealthGenie is easy and even the people with little knowledge about software can also use that effectively. No wonder it tops all the mobile spy apps at the moment.

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A Mobile Spying App; the Best Support You Need To Keep an Eye on Your Kids

The role of a parent is pretty crystal clear. They need to earn money to make sure that their kids live a decent lifestyle and at the same time they need to keep a close eye on their kids to make sure that their kids don’t go on the wrong path. Speaking from experience, it is extremely difficult to achieve both these goals without the help of someone. As in my case, a mobile spying app StealthGenie assisted me in keeping a close eye on my kids and helped me carry on my parental responsibilities with ease.

A Great Help:

A mobile spying app StealthGenie is indeed a great help for parents. This amazing app runs unnoticeably in the background of your child’s mobile phone and does not let anyone find out about it. It does not disrupt any feature inside your child’s cell phone and performs the spying of your kids in a pretty professional manner.

Excellent Customer Support:

One of the best things about StealthGenie is their excellent customer support service. A good customer support staff makes sure that users have all their queries solved no matter what. To gain access to your child’s cell phone data, you simply need to log-in with your Log-in ID and password and the rest is history.


Android phones, BlackBerry phones and iPhones work pretty well alongside StealthGenie. Android phones from Google, LG, Motorola and other companies having an operating system of 2.1 or higher and iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models all work great with StealthGenie. Even BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, Curve and other models with an operating system of 4.6 or higher are excellent cell phones to be used alongside StealthGenie.

Internet Access:

Internet is a must use thing for everyone nowadays. Parents are provided with the complete web browsing history of their children with the help of this mobile spying app. This includes the bookmarks as well. They even get to see all the e-mail messages of their child as well as all the pictures, videos and audio files inside their child’s mobile phone.

A Good Support:

A mobile spying app StealthGenie supports parents in keeping their kids under control. Added to that, it provides all its services for a more than reasonable price of $8.33 a month. What else can you get in that price nowadays?

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Cell Phone Locator- Read This Before Buying One!

If you have decided to go for a cell phone locator you are on the right track- most parents today are opting for such options to keep a watchful eye on their kids. But what some parents tend to undermine is the importance of a safe cell phone locator.

I happen to have researched a lot on the subject and was quite taken aback to come across dozens of apps that are nothing but a fraud to make some quick bucks. I find it my moral obligation to educate parents who otherwise are unaware of such technicalities.

This time I am reviewing StealthGenie because I find it very stable and a mature product. Some of my colleagues who have used it have also encouraged me as they think that more and more people should know about this cell phone locator.

Reviewing StealthGenie:

StealthGenie has been tailored to monitor kids and employees. The thing that I liked about them was that they did not resort to cheesy, unethical taglines and they do emphasize on the fair-use policy. Thus StealthGenie defines it niche as a cell phone locator meant to monitor someone you’re legally entitled to monitor.

Quick Facts:

StealthGenie has some edge over its rivals because:

  1. It is the only one in the market to support Android 4.0
  2. It runs smoothly on iPhone and BlackBerry as well.
  3. StealthGenie can be installed on multiple devices.


Why most parents rely on StealthGenie is because it offers them an ample stock of features. While you do get the regular features like:

  • SMS and e-mail logs
  • Viewing multimedia files
  • Checking web browsing history
  • Viewing address book
  • Geo-Tracking
  • SIM change notifications

StealthGenie has also introduces some power features that I failed to see in any other cell phone locator including:

  • Triggers and Alerts: You get instant alerts when any of your pre-selected word appears in SMS- sent or received. Similarly, you can trigger any contact number/e-mail ID as alert and receive notifications in case of any incoming or outgoing call/mail from that number.
  • Call Recording: It also lets you listen to recordings of calls and phone surroundings within 15 ft. distance.

StealthGenie has a lot of potential to grow but they still have to work on some of the features they promise in future like geo-fencing, call intercepting, etc. Currently StealthGenie has three packages for Android- Basic, Gold and Platinum and two for iPhone and BlackBerry each- Basic and Gold.

Do check the live demo on their website and have any queries answered from a 24/7 live customer support. StealthGenie is a pretty decent cell phone locator and you will definitely find it impressive- at least I did!

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Making Android Spying Fun yet Effective!

If you are so done with all complex details and have had enough of the information overload, this article cuts straight to the point and brief you on how to make full use of Android spying while ensuring your secrecy all the way.

No flowery words, no prelude: StealthGenie makes your life simpler. If you have problematic teens up your sleeves and you want to responsibly monitor them along with hectic work schedule, you’re probably too tired by now. Not if you have StealthGenie installed on your kids’ smartphones already. Okay, it’s never too late. Catch up on what you have been missing out for so long.

StealthGenie has been especially tailored for parents to keep a watchful eye on their young ones while they are away tending to their jobs or business. Because StealthGenie is stealth and remotely controlled, all you need an online StealthGenie member’s account and internet access to check out on your kids.

This wonder Android spying app lets you:

Logging features:

  • Keep a record of all the SMS and e-mails sent or received even if they have been deleted.
  • Check all outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Listen to phone surroundings of your target phone.
  • Track calendar entries and memos.
  • Check web browsing logs.

Monitoring Features:

  • Monitor your kids’ current location using GPS.
  • Check all the places visited by your children.

Instant Alerts:

  • Receive when your kid changes SIM card.
  • Set trigger alerts for SMS and calls.
  • Get alerts when your kids visit a predetermined inappropriate site.

So if you think that getting an Android smartphone might prove risky, you need to redefine a lot. Android phone can help your kid in many ways while it can also help you: installing Stealthgenie Android spying app, you can monitor your kids like never before.

Finally, StealthGenie isn’t expensive although it is very well a high-end Android spying app. You can have full monitoring experience at only $8 a month. As compared to the risks involved otherwise, installing Stealthgenie Android spying app is definitely worth a shot!

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Learn how a strong phone spy software works

In a bigger company, it is hard to keep an eye on each and every employee of yours. It is an obvious thing that you can’t appoint a spy with each and every one of more than a 100 employees of yours. Let’s make this situation a bit easier for you. As complicated as this thing sounds, it can be eased quite quickly if you use the help of a phone spy software for the cell phone of your employees and keep a real close eye on them without any hindrance.

What exactly is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is basically a strong and easy-to-use phone spy software that gets installed in the cell phone of your employee within minutes and provides you access to all the data inside it. It does not disrupt any of the cell phone’s functions and runs quietly inside your employee’s cell phone without giving anyone even a hint of its presence.

Compatible with:

This software is compatible with all the Android phones having an operating system of 2.1 or above or any BlackBerry model in the 9000 and 8000 series having an operating system of 4.6 or above. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models are all compatible with StealthGenie as well.

Live Surroundings and Geo Tracking:

The “Live Surroundings” feature of StealthGenie provides employers with all the surrounding sounds of their employee’s cell phone. The “Geo Tracking” feature provides the employers with the exact location of their employees as and when they want to.

Call records:

Records of all the calls dialed and received by your employee on their cell phone are provides to you as well. These records include the complete duration of each call along with the exact time at which it was made. Employers even have the option to record a particular call or even record all the calls if they wish to.

A big leap:

The best thing about this phone spy software is their after sales customer support service. With a highly qualified and extremely user-friendly customer support, StealthGenie gets a big leap ahead of its competitors.

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